Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

Paul Farace wrote:

This Atlas is shrugging daily!

Some wunnerful quotes from your missives in this thread:

"I would consider someone referring to my images as "captures" as in effect saying, you totally lucked out and accidentally caught those images......"

"As a middle-aged (old fart) Midwestern American the word capture is only used in the context of this forum and a few other web-based blogs".

"You say To-may-toe, I say To-mat-toe ... let's call the whole thing off... or I'll SHOOT YOU!!!"


Mr Faracical,

Yes, I do believe we, er, "luck out" when we take a photograph.  We were lucky enough to be born human in the present age with it's freedoms to buy the wonderful photographic technology that has evolved, along with the social circumstances enabling it's acquisition & use, into the currently available photographic opportunities.  Let's not forget, either, that the beautiful world out there also evolved over the eons, without any single creative act by you.

Now I realise that, being a self-appointed Atlas, you believe that the whole shebang is dependent on you shrugging or not.  Those camera outputs are entirely made by yourself! The camera, photoshop, landscape etcetera are entirely irrelevant.  Only your immense talent is at work in a fabulous act of Faracian Creation resulting in world-class images that far surpass mere reality!

Alas, I must disillusion you, as your absence or that of your shrug will go unnoticed in the world at large.  In fact, it is something quite other than yourself that prevents to globe from tumbling into the abyss.  The photos you may have taken could instead be taken by another person - maybe a few hundred of them - of the independently-extant world.  Those other photographers too will be essentially using an automated instrument & process to make a 2D copy of already-existing things.

Naturally, being "a middle-aged old fart Midwestern American" you will be ignorant of environs and notions outside of your own parochial view.  Suffice it to say, then, that these foreign notions are rather different from those Randian pompos you espouse concerning the high worth of your photographic endeavours. Strange as it may seem, many humans do not suffer egomania or delusions that pressing a shutter button makes them a fabulous arteest.

I know, I know - we doubters of your incredible photographic talents are probably just second-raters...... 

SirLataxe, a temporary dust-mote in a vast and complex universe.

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