Couple of D90 questions

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Re: Couple of D90 questions

Sammy Yousef wrote:

Penny123 wrote:

Yes I didn't realise that.  I also have a copy of elements that came with my computer, I did open a RAW in that and it looked completely washed out which is what put me off RAW files and the jpegs looked much better, this was when I had tried a couple of RAWs with my D40.  So I think I will start shooting raw and using the Nikon software so any little issues that crop up can be solved the biggest thing which I have found great is the white balance and exposure adjustments as these are always the areas that go wrong for me in a few images.

Good plan. Shoot RAW, ask questions later ;-)....well not quite. Blown is blown, underexposed is underexposed. ViewNX is okay as a starting point but if you have the cash to spend consider CaptureNX. It will let you turn off active D-Lighting after the fact or change it. Failing that a photo editor that easily lets you raise shadows and lets you adjust curves and saturation is a great thing. Whether you learn to shoot RAW or not I recommend you learn how the curves tool in a slightly more advanced editor works. Elements if your version has a curves adjustment will do fine (they cut it out of some versions a while back to encourage people to move to Photoshop proper....l).

I use GIMP, Paintshop Pro, and Capture NX2 for editing. ViewNX2 I use to edit quickly to get a rough idea of what is possible occasionally but most of the time all i do with it is convert RAW to JPG. A lot of people swear by Lightroom and I must admit having given it a try I'm tempted (Wish it wasn't an Adobe product!). Of course a lot of people will tell you the Photoshop is the industry standard end all be all - a little less so now lots of people use Lightroom. The thing is a curve is a curve, adjusting colour/saturation/lightness/warmth all translates very well between editors if you know what you're doing. Each does things slightly differently and each one has strengths and weaknesses so if you have time play with the free ones, and perhaps download trials of the paid ones. Don't let it overwhelm you and try one thing at a time. That way you'll have a lifetime of pleasure and learning in this hobby. You can get so many different looks out of one photo it's amazing.

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Yes I must admit I haven't got a clue what I am doing when it comes to editing terms!  Normally al I have been doing is adjusting the exposure, white balance and lightening the photo up a bit.  Will need to look at elements and see if it has curves as I have no idea!

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