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Re: Photomatix

Ho72 wrote:

Use adwcleaner to get rid of your toolbars:

Or just use Windows Programs and Features page to uninstall it. That is what I do when I accidentally get something installed that I don't want.

You don't need to install another program. Just go to the Windows Control Panel, make sure it is set for View By Category, select Uninstall a Program and the find the program name (it should be the last one on the list when sorted by date) and uninstall it.

Normally you get an install option as to whether or not to include the tool bar junk. I just uncheck it but sometimes I miss it as well.

Photomatix is a very good HDR tool but you might also want to look at SNS-HDR. It is what I use and I picked it after comparing it against Photomatix and several other tools. Photomatix is very good but so is SNS-HDR and I found it did a better job of aligning my hand-held HDR shots.

Just an idea.

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