One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

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Re: One or two SSDs for Lightroom laptop

malch wrote:

ilysaml wrote:

It will be a waste, not worth it. The constant caching of thumbnails will worn out the SPEED of the SSD. The SSD will reliably hold data, but the wear-leveling algorithm will cause monumental fragmentation of the files. The thumbnail files will be constantly getting 'blown' to bits by the SSD wear-leveling, As such, the files will be read as fast as from a good HDD.

1. Fragmentation of files on a SSD is a non-issue since seek and rotational latency delays are effectively eliminated.

2. Assuming a normal workstation setting with a modern SSD and an OS and drivers supporting TRIM, media wear is a complete non-issue over any reasonable SSD lifespan (5 or so years).

It depends on how much of Data is gonna be written everyday. SSDs have an absolute write limit beyond which they start failing to accept new data (unlike hard drives, whose mechanical parts may or may not wear out faster with heavier use, see the Google study on disk failure rates. So the more you write to an SSD, the faster it will wear out.
Using an SSD as a scratch disk will tend to subject it to more writes, since files that are written to it are used only briefly and then deleted (unlike an OS disk, whose files are written to the drive and then are re-read many, many times).

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