New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

philmar wrote:

ilysaml wrote:

WD are great but only if you get blues or blacks, but there's no blues in the 3TB capacity, and there's no reason getting blacks for just storage and they cost more.

So which 3 TB HDDs do you recommend? The Seagates?

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Phil M. - Toronto, Canada
Time to kill? Then have a look at a few of my photos, including one published by National Geographic :

The Green drives are optimized for low power usage and as a result they're noticeably poorer performers because they spindle down after few seconds. Get a green drive if you want bulk storage and performance isn't a concern, but personally I hate that 35 MB/s rate when I transfer files between partitions, so speed wise, get a faster HDD.

That being said using a SSD as a caching drive for another SSD, is an ultimate wrong idea.

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