Panasonic TS-5 experience and samples...anyone??

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Re: Panasonic TS-5 experience and samples...anyone??

Markr041 wrote:

lowella wrote:

I just griped about the battery/charger/cable in another thread, but I would add that they should be able to give you on board memory storage of more than ONE photo's worth. Really?  Why bother?  Wouldn't it be nice if you had a problem with your card and they had built-in storage that would let you write more than one picture to it?

Do you know why there is little storage left in internal memory? It is because they have placed maps for 90+ countries around the world there. As you can imagine, they take up a lot of space. And it makes the GPS function very useful and quicker. Would you rather have to place the map information on an sd card by hand, and then not be able to format the card later without having to download the maps again?

I guess that's a personal preference.  I have GPS on my phone already, and I already have a GPS unit as well, I bought the camera to take photos with (and am probably returning it this week).  I haven't checked out how it works yet but on a previous panasonic it doesn't put the lat/long in the metadata, it just gives you a town nearby that the photo was taken in.

To answer your question, I would much rather have emergency storage on board than have maps and not be able to take photos with my camera.  #1 function for this thing is taking pictures, I have the maps on my phone already.  So unless Panny is trying to be Apple and are planning on adding a phone to this thing as well, let's see the camera supported over the maps.  My opinion. By the way, my job is GIS....I have full respect for maps  

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