Wide angle (to normal) magic. Long lenses, not so much.

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Re: It's all about choices. . .

TexasBuyer wrote:

There have been a few times when I took photos with the telephoto end of my 18-55 zoom and wish that I had something a little longer.  I would be happy with a 55-135 OIS zoom in a faster f-stop, but at least Fuji is giving us a choice with the 55-200mm zoom.

Although I love my Fuji X-E1, it has been admitted frustrating that it is taking so long for the lens roadmap to become reality.  In the end, the market will decide and vote with their wallets.

Both of the above option would be better, in my opinion. A 135mm 2.8 prime with OIS. Or a 55-135 f4.

As I said, I will get the 55-200 anyway, so I have it along when I have only the small gear. But this combo will not even come close to the performance of a 70-200 on my D800 (very unlike the 35 1.4 and 14 2.8 which give DSLRs a run for their money) Even the 18-55 is a decent substitute in the right situations.

There is always the Leica 135 but no AF makes it less than ideal.

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