What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

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Re: What should be done with cheats ? Part 5 :-(

There is even an "explanation" here, right under the newly hosted challenge: http://www.dpreview.com/challenges/Challenge.aspx?ID=8200 (pasted here to be seen before it disappears):


By betamihai (5 hours ago)

Please this way someone who is able to remove all the competitions that call hosted by me, including my account wish to be removed!
You are right regarding the fact that I cheated. But not the way you have presented here. I personally do not have multiple accounts but I asked various friends to create their accounts to post pictures of Timisoara. Those who did not have pictures I gave them personal pictures only in the idea of promoting the city. I resorted to this method is desperate after three or four days of registration were only about six pictures and I refuse to believe that the world does not want to put pictures of a city so beautiful.
However do not expect me to believe!
The mistake is mine that I thought this method.
I apologize and wish to be removed from my account dpreveiw if you can!

After breaking just about every Site, Challenge and Ethical Rule, this should be an excuse?

It makes no sense losing time and effort to try and organize fair and honest ambience for entrants, unless I am enabled to do this properly. And I, for one, am fed up to the gills, offering playground to faceless characters just to give them a chance to manipulate placement results of proper photographers.

I guess this caps it all. I am suspending my Challenges until better times.

One other thing, which doesn't exactly encourage, too: on other sites, when I contact the person(s) in charge of the site about anything, I usually get an answer. It is called communication.

Here, it feels like talking to the wall.

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