Couple of D90 questions

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Re: Couple of D90 questions

Thanks for the responses, I do appreciate the input and I have moved forward since I last posted.  The camera is set to SRGB but I had a quick look online and a few people seem to have the same issues with windows views, I followed some instructions and I think that aspect of things is better.

I was out on Saturday and shot some mre jpegs which I felt gave pleasing results, I also shot a few with my D40 and the D90 does give a more realistic scene and doesn't blow out highlights the same.  I am getting to know the camera a bit better now.

Yesterday I shot jpegs and RAW.  I had always been put off by RAW as I thought every image would be flat and every aspect of the iamge would need to be processed which could be time consuming if many photos have been taken on a point and shoot type day but I was surprised to open a RAW and jpeg next to each other and they almost look identical but the RAW can be tweaked easier.  So I think I may have been converted to RAW as many images can just be directly processed from JPEG to RAW or if something has gone wrong it will be easier to edit them... should have bought a bigger memory card!  I am only using the free Nikon softwards viewnx but it seems ok.

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