Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

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Re: What is left?

regos wrote:

Well I have been following all these posts for the last few weeks with great interest, because I recently decided to get a full frame Nikon, in order to take advantage of my legacy Nikkor lenses in their native focal lenghts and get full frame quality. I have a D7k now, which somehow I have never been thrilled with, and in fact, since getting a Fuji X-P1, which has noticably better IQ at all ISO levels, I rarely choose to use the D7k, unless I need flash or telephoto. My D7k also had the oil splatter issue, and I recently got it back from Nikon in LA, supposedly fixed. That remains to be seen, as I haven't used it enough yet to be able to verify.

In any case, I am now fully warned and have decided to not by a Nikon D600 at this time, or probably ever. What is left? The D800 has similar issues, with splatter and AF defects.

Which full frame Nikon body can I buy that has no known, serious, potentially deal breaking issues?

Find a mint D700 and go for it! I was also at the edge of buying a D600, but decided finally not to risk a seriouse headache with such quality problems. A return of a purchase in my country would be very,very difficult. Last week found a very well kept D700 at about 20K clicks and bought it. Comming from a D300 it was a very easy transition and I'm very happy to feel a solid and reliable machine. Just an idea for you.

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