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Re: There ain't no space and time

Dorothy, As new versions and models emerge, the specifications of these devices change rapidly, and may also differ between different countries depending on supply. Although the Nexus appeared to have a faster processor and newer operating system at the time I bought my Galaxy Tab II 7 inch model, the Galaxy had a slot for a 32 GB micro SD card to be added and a USB/SD kit to upload or download files. (It also has front and back cameras vs only a front one on the Nexus, but I am unlikely to use either).  (I understand that with an operating system upgrade to Jellybean the external card slot will be able to take 64GB microSD cards.)

Since my purchase, connectors have become available in my local (Australian) shops to load picture files to the Nexus (although OTG cables appear to differ in capabilities), and a 32GB model has become available. But I still prefer the Galaxy because of the external memory slot. This gives me several ways of backing up my camera SD cards (i) use the connection kit to load files to a series of external ( relatively expensive) microSD cards; (ii) load to external microSD card, then use the connection kit to unload to (iii) additional (cheaper) SD cards, (iv) (even cheaper) USB flash drives, or (v) with a powered USB hub, load to a portable USB hard drive; and, of course, (vi) by possibly slow, expensive, or unreliable wifi - when available.

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