X100s Q button not programable

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Re: X100s Q button not programable

Jeff Charles wrote:

Fogsville wrote:

I agree.  Plus the majority of choices in the Q button menu are for jpegs users only.  The only real thing I find useful with the Q button so far is to be able to quickly change through your different custom presets.

I don't have an X100s, but according to the manual, the majority of choices for custom settings are also for JPEG users only. Am I missing something?

Also, flash brightness adjustment is still buried in the menus. It should be accessible with the Q button.

That's correct.  But the only thing I find useful with the Q button is to go through the different custom presets.  But that doesn't mean that the presets themselves aren't primarily for jpegs users.  They are.  But it's still the only thing that I find useful with the Q button.  Sorry for the confusion and any assumption that the custom presets are even that worthwhile, either.  But if one does want a quick jpeg for whatever reason and with certain characteristics, then at least one can store the custom setting and be able to go back and forth via the Q button.

What I find kind of puzzling with the X100 series is that while the concept is geared towards advanced users (esp those who come from film rangefinders), the software (plus button choices and menu setup) is more suitable for novices.  And it's as though Fuji is assuming no one edits their files anymore, and that no one prints anymore (granted the X jpegs are quite good.)

I suppose Fuji is trying to get a larger group of people into the 'rangefinder' experience.  But overall it's a quasi-rangefinder camera that requires a certain level of understanding of its limits (e.g., there's a thread here about someone not realizing the parallax issues with the OVF.)  The concept of the X100/X100s is good but it's still kind of flawed in its execution (my opinion only, of course.)

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