new HD with my operating system on it as main drive...

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Re: new HD with my operating system on it as main drive...

Best option is to buy a SSD for your OS drive, and then mirror the OS over from the old HDD to the new SSD.

If you get an Intel SSD they offer a "Data Migration Tool" which you can download for free to transfer your OS and programs from the old drive to the new SSD. Seagate offer something similar called "Disk Wizard" to transfer an OS from an old drive to a new Seagate drive. However, a SSD will make a HUGE performance difference, vastly more so than just getting a newer/larger HDD.

Then once you have copied the entire system over to the new SSD you can reformat the older HDD and use it as a data drive.

Presumably a new SSD might be smaller than your current drive, but so long as you delete the files you don't need off the HDD (copy them to a USB drive) then the data migration tool will enable you to transfer over to a smaller SSD so long as your actual usage of data space is less than the size of the SSD.


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