I am getting this from my router

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Re: I am getting this from my router

johnsong wrote:

I am getting this from my router

SYN Flood DETECTED on Mon Apr 22 03:22:46 2013
 targeting xx.xxx.202.49,80, sent from,52121

What is happening ??

Does it really say xx.xxx.202.49 or are you just blanking that out? If so, why? is your PC. Or at least one on your network. 192.168.0.x is what almost everyone uses for their private network in their home, it's the default network of every home router out there.

As it sounds like you may have something like 10 devices (or more) on your home network you can try:

ping -a to hopefully get the name of the PC which is #10 this will tell you which PC is sending out the messages.

This probably means you have a virus on your PC attempting to attack some other server, but as you didn't provide the address it's impossible to say what server it's attacking.

If it's a Windows PC you can download MSE "Microsoft Security Essentials" from www.microsoft.com to check for viruses if you don't already have some other virus scanner.


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