Fenway Pics: My sons ipod is often better than my 5D

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why don't you post some pics and let us judge?

jburrows500 wrote:

My 11 year old son and I went to Fenway today for a great afternoon of baseball.  There he is taking a panoramic pictures of the ball park that looks absolutely beautiful..

How large? Printed? Or viewed on his iPhone?

You would have though a fish-eye lens took it.. stitched together perfectly . all hand held.  Other shots throughout the day were perfectly balanced where my pics I knew would have to be edited in Lightroom for an hour to get similar results.

If I spend more than a minute editing it's too long. What are you doing? What does "perfectly balanced" mean?

Sure I beat him everyday on pictures that require a shallow depth of field with my 5D and sigma 50mm 1.4.. but in landscape and general picture taking.. this ipod beats out my 5 pound body and lens more often than I care to admit

Define "beat." Produce 20X30 wall mounted prints that look great?

... really starting to scratch my head and ask why I am I lugging this thing around... anyone else?

If you take snapshots with your Canon, and display them snapshot size, you might get beaten by a snapshot camera.  Just be warned. If you have to ask why a guy on a bicycle beats you in your Ferrari, people are going to scratch their heads and come up with the obvious response.

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