New pc build with i7 3770K

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Re: New pc build with i7 3770K

I have personally had great experience with Gigabyte, Asus, and Zotac motherboards for overclocking many systems. A Z77 chipset is the best way to go, for more reasons than just overclocking. The Z77 uniquely provides the capability to run two high bandwidth plug in cards, so if you ever want to run either two graphics cards, or a graphics card and a plugin raid controller the Z77 is the best option for you.

From a memory perspective, the Ivy Bridge CPU you have is designed for DDR3 1600Mhz memory, if you want to overclock you can get 1866Mhz memory and that will provide you more headroom for overclocking.

The memory overclocking will be of measurable benefit if you plan to use the processor graphics, otherwise it's much harder to demonstrate a benefit.

Notably, I would strongly recommend getting 2x8GB versus 4x4GB, for two reasons. First, this route will provide you the cheaper option to upgrade to 32GB should you find the need (video editing, in particular 4K video editing, or large panoramic editing, or RAM drives for games). Secondly, running only one DIMM per memory channel will achieve higher memory overclocking performance than attempting to run two DIMMs per memory channel. So you can overclock 2*8GB much easier than 4*4GB.

With respect to the video card, the Ivy bridge processor graphics are more than enough for most things, however, with an NVidia 1GB graphics card you can benefit from CUDA acceleration if you are using Adobe Premiere Pro, or gaming.


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