Using a D7100 in AUTO mode???

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Re: Using a D7100 in AUTO mode???

Personally I am glad I started with a Topcon Uni slr and a Yashica 635 twin lens reflex and pick up a Sekonic L86 all at the PX in 1967.  I discovered that the yellow box of Kodak film had a light meter.

Yes it is sad; oh back then for VR we used a tripods, sandbags (beauceau) for stabilization plus the old formula 1 over the focal length. I remember the fellow that taught us photography had a Canon 7S rangefinder with a F/.95 lens and hood had cut outs for viewing the rangefinder.

It just like the people who buy computers windows™ or mac's and never known MS-DOS or what Terminal is or commands like Tree or chown.

We actually shot from the hip by taking an average reading or using the sunny 16 rule and hyperfocal distance that made the 35mm shoot like a Kodak Instamatic™.

Manual focus and split image those were the days and sometimes when our group goes out for shoot I drag the Nikon FM, motor drive and a few  rolls of 35mm.


Lou Cioccio

PS on this forum someone had a great  awesome tag line I think went like this:

"You bought a DSLR to "shoot from the hip"?  Good lord, man, sell it and buy a P&S!  That's one of the most insane things I've ever heard on here."

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