Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

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Re: Happily switched from Aperture to Lightroom?

The A-Team wrote:

I have been using Aperture for about 3 years now, and I think it's time for a switch. Speed issues.

For those who have switched, what has been your experience? Are you pleased overall? What aspects are you more pleased with? What are you less happy with?

I switched a little over a year ago to Lightroom. This was mainly when I took my printing class, so I've gotten better at LR than I was at Aperture. So it's not really an even comparison. I still don't like the editing modes on LR. It's a pain switching back and forth between the library, development, printing modules. I much prefer Aperture here. I never pushed Apertures library functions a lot when I was using it, and I've gotten used to LR now, but Aperture seemed more powerful. On the other hand LR's tagging system seems a little more sophisticated. I took another brief look at Aperture, but I couldn't figure out how to allow aliases for tags. (I type a tag in English and it also applies the tag in Japanese). Granted, this isn't something most people would use. NR is better in LR compared to when I used it, as is highlight recovery. Noise isn't nearly as much of a problem with modern cameras and there are a lot of third party plugins to deal with it, so I don't find this much of a problem. Aperture had some updates to help with highlight recovery, but I haven't done any comparisons. I feel LR may still be a bit better.

Unfortunately I didn't print with Aperture, so I can't comment there. Moving between apps is a pita, so I'd give some thought before swapping. Maybe wait until after LR5 is released and see if Apple does anything. They always tend to work at their own pace, but I think the update will be nice when it comes.

I really miss in the integration with the rest of Apple's products with LR. No photostream, which I use a lot more now to share photos with family and friends. No easy syncing to iPhone/iPad. Some tricks make is less painful, but it's still not as smooth.

I haven't had a speed problem with either application, 16MP files. Creating the proper previews I want and using them properly makes either app fast, although both handle it different. The preview mode in Aperture. In lightroom though you have to use the library module, scrolling through photos in the development module loads the raws which is much slower.

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