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look at the FX-8350 in the AMD lineup

BrianPriceUK wrote:


I'm beginning to get the itch for a new computer, and I've always used AMD CPUs.

What is the difference between the current sockets -

Socket AM3
Socket AM3+
Socket FM1 and
Socket FM2



If you're dead set on going AMD, I'd probably look at a MB using a Socket AM3+ design (leaning towards something like one of the newer 990x or 990fx chipsets), and use an FX-8350 (latest 8 core model from AMD) CPU with it.

Some apps that take advantage of more cores can work slightly better on an FX-8350 compared to something like a newer Intel Core i5 3xxx Quad Core model (priced about the same as that 8 core AMD chip).

But, for most single threaded tasks, the fastest consumer level AMD CPUs like the FX-8350 lag way behind most newer Intel designs.  See some of the benchmarks in this review to get an idea of how they work in those areas.

That review was using CS4.  But, here's one that also includes CS6 benchmarks.   As you can see from their tests, the low end Intel Core i5 3xxx Quad Core models significantly outperform the latest and great 8 core FX-8350 model from AMD for image processing tasks with CS6 (so even CS6 really doesn't take full advantage of the extra CPU cores the AMD FX-8350 has available)

Here's a review that also includes Lightroom benchmarks (although it's 3.4 versus a newer 4.x release), where the AMD FX-8350 tested about the same as a a newer quad core Intel CPU (Core i5 3570K) in their tests:

It depends on what you're using, and how well the app takes advantage of the extra cores the 8 core AMD FX-8350 provides as to how well it compares.  But, on single threaded tasks, the AMD CPUs fall *way* behind most Intel models anymore.

The AMD CPUs like the FX-8350 are also a lot more "power hungry" compared to the newer Intel Core i5 or Core i7 designs.   So, for most purposes, Intel is a better bet.

But, if I were going to use a system with an AMD CPU, I'd probably lean towards the lastest 8 core FX-8350 right this minute, as it's about as good as it gets in the AMD lineup; as as time passes, more apps will probably take better advantage of the extra cores it provides.

I use Corel AfterShot Pro most of the time, and it appears to work well on an 8 core model like that (see the Bibble Pro benchmarks in the last review link I posted, since AfterShot Pro is based on Bibble Pro).  The FX-8350 is still not as fast as a Core i7 3770 from Intel.  But, it outperforms the Core i5 3570K with that app.  So, I wouldn't mind a system using that AMD CPU for how I'd use it (other than it would use a lot more power over it's lifespan compared to a newer Intel model)

Of course, I'd probably just buy an "off-the-shelf" model using a Core i7 3770 instead from Dell or elsewhere, and most major vendors don't use AMD CPUs in their performance oriented PCs.  For example, I could get something like a nicely equipped XPS 8500 from Dell using a faster Core i7 3770 on sale for well under $1K.  But, if I were building my own PC, I might consider using that AMD FX-8350 if the price was right.

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