Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: It's pretentious and irritating (nt)

photoreddi wrote:

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I am the one with the dictionary although I didnt need it as I dont need a dictionary to know the etimoloty of focus.Which makes me wonder why you attached here as he seems to agree with you.

As I pointed out in a previous post things change with time, as photography mirges more and more with other electronic media more and more electronic media terms will become popular. Capture has been used by the geeks for years.

As far as pretentious thats a judgement call on your part and is personal to you, why inflict it on others. The word is being used correctly so one can only imagine where your irritation is comming from; perhaps you associate the word with some bad feelings you have had. who knows but as I am sure most will agree the discussion is boardering on the purile

You may not need the dictionary to check definitions but it could have been a big help in another way with "etimoloty", "mirges", "comming", "boardering" and "purile". So much so that it's not clear whether you meant "Greek" or not when you wrote "geek". Had you appended "σύλληψη" we would have been sure, fer sure.

It's not all Greek to me.

your quite right way to many typos I gotta stop typing in the dark

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