Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

Started Apr 18, 2013 | Discussions thread
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Re: Got my new D600 4 days ago, taken 200 shots and....Oil spots!

I have researched this camera over the past 3 weeks. I have been debating on buying the D600 with the kit lens. I teamed this camera with the Tamron 2.8 28 to 70. When I asked the camera salesman at a local camera store in Toronto about the oil spot issue, I got this line that this was an issue with the first lot distributed but not with recent batches. This particular store is selling body at $1799 Canadian about $200 less than competitors. This has me thinking that Nikon has quality control problems. I have 2 digitals the D70s and the D300 and never had any oil spots to speak of. Occasionally, the odd dust spot on images with each corrected with using a blower. I feel for those who forked over $2k and have these issues. I'll wait and see what Nikon does about this. Its a great camera given its features but a bit risky given its quality control issues

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