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Re: Not the way to look at it.

sam photo wrote:

...do you have any idea of the logistics nightmare that shooting 500 people in several different locations represents?...this guy is so far over his head on this project that he can't begin to even figure out pricing the job, never mind doing it...

I think that's the point of this thread.  Those who have done jobs like this are trying to help the OP understand the scope of such a task.

...this isn't a school with students lined up being wrangled by staff...we are talking about professionals who will see having these photos taken as an inconvenience...how many people do you think he will miss at each location because they will  not show up...what about rescheduling?...how many additional trips?...that's just for starters...if he indeed gets this job, he is in for a rude awakening by the time all is said and done...

Yes there are many not so obvious things to account for.  Things that only experience can reveal.

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