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Carey Brown
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robertfel wrote:

Well, if you get a Rode Mic Pro (stereo or non) to go with your cameras and recorder, you can get free software:

I played with a trial copy of Pluraleyes a while ago and I was impressed. I didn't need to buy it at the time but when such a need comes up I'll certainly plunk down the bucks.

Pluraleyes will sync an audio clip to a video clip with matching audio. It works by aligning the separate audio clip to the video's audio clip, and afterwards it trims the audio clip to match the video clip. Aligning them afterwards in whatever editor you end up using becomes a no-brainer, both the video and audio are now the exact same size and start at the same moment of time.

This assumes that the audio that comes with the video is at least of a quality high enough so that a correlation with the separate audio track can be established (e.g. white noise doesn't work).

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