A fun day neverthless

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Re: A fun day neverthless

phill104 wrote:

Those took a lot of pp to look like that lol. My miss rate for the day was what I was not too happy with. So many nearly shots such as the long tail tits, goldcrest, bull finch etc. I know the small birds are the hardest when just out walking. I really must setup a feedIng station.

As for the kingfishers I have bucket loads of those this year. Once you find a good spot for them they are a lot of fun to watch and shoot. Finding the spot is the hard bit. Here is the female from the same spot. Here in Hertfordshire we are blessed with some great locations.

I can certainly recomend setting up some garden feeders we have had some stunning birds within yards of the house this winter,

I am not far from the river severn here in Shropshire & intend to make a real effort this year to try & find some kingfishers to watch & hopefully get some photos, is there a typical kingfisher haunt or is it just a case of putting in the legwork & watching & listening?

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