Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: It's pretentious and irritating (nt)

:-PEvery word we use today, maybe with one or two exceptions, is in the dictionary!!! And trust me... having been around the photographic world for most of my 55 years... capture as a synonym for picture, or shot, is very recent (10 years) and VERY HIPSTER!  It just sounds so darn pretentious...

Are you aware that the Romans knew the word Focus?  To them it was the hearth of a house, the fireplace if you will... the most important part of the house... so thousands of years later when physicists were pioneering the science of optics and light... they "borrowed" the word focus to describe the point of greatest value.... etc.

As a middle-aged (old fart) Midwestern American the word capture is only used in the context of this forum and a few other web-based blogs.

"You say To-may-toe, I say To-mat-toe ... let's call the whole thing off... or I'll SHOOT YOU!!!"

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