So who's migrated from a NEX?

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Re: So who's migrated from a NEX?

I've owned a Nex 5, 7 and still own a 5n/18-55 from the 7 and various adapters.  I also own the Xpro1 with a few adapters and a 5d3.  I keep the 5n around because the video is really good in such a small package - so its my B cam to the 5d3 for video.  The Xpro1 is my B cam to the 5d3 for stills.  The Nex is more of a PITA with the menu's compared to the X with all the controls and the Q menu, but I just can't get rid of my 5n - they're just so cheap now its easy to keep one around as a knock around cam.

Bottom line - if you shoot video the Fuji is pretty much useless as you can't control exposure so its all over the map.  Go Nex if you need video as it also shoots fantastic stills.  If not, the Fuji is a fantastic camera, better lenses than Nex and a killer roadmap.  Nothing on the Nex map excites me - hence the reason I only own one Nex lens and adapt my Canon lenses and legacy glass to my little 5n.

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