Question about downloading JPEG files only from SD card to iPad Mini

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Question about downloading JPEG files only from SD card to iPad Mini

Okay, I have what I think is a pretty basic question about using the iPad for photography, but no one seems to have a correct or consistent answer, even Apple support people.

I'm really new to the iPad/Apple world, mostly working in WinXP. I am traveling later this year and I want to get a tablet of some kind which I cab view images on and maybe do some light editing. I'd be bring my files back home to my desktop for full editing.

I like the size and screen dimensions of the iPad mini (vs. Android tablets), and I see that Apple now has a "Lightning to SD Card Camera Reader" that would let me plug in and download my image files from my camera's SD card.

Now, here is the rub: I shoot in both RAW and JPEG formats (so I have two files for each picture), but I only want to bring over the JPEG versions to the iPad, since the RAW files are way too big.

So, I've been asking if there is a way to identify, and then just select and copy some (or all) of the JPEG files to the iPad with the reader? (and not  bring over the RAW files)

Not too complicated a question I thought, but I can't seem to get a straight answer from anyone. I have heard:

  • Yes, you can select just the JPEG files and copy them to the iPad, OR . . . 
  • No, the iPad only recognizes the two file types as one image, so when you select that image to copy, you're getting both file types (and taking up a mess o' memory with it), OR . . . 
  • You can only bring over the JPEG files, as the iPad will only recognize those files (which is odd to me, since I know the OS is updated regularly to be able to recognize RAW files--and mine is among the list. 

There may be other answers, but that is the basic range of responses.

So, can anyone tell me what they think is the correct answer? And if the only option is to bring over both files together, what's the work-around so I don't take up too much file storage with my images?

Regards, David.

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