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AdamT wrote:

I own an X-S1, and would very much like the new version of this camera, with an X-trans sensor.

I`ve yet to see anything from the X20 to make me wish for that, have you ? . in fact the X20 loses the X10`s EXR DR abilities .

I was expecting a super-sharp fine detail JPG engine from the X-Trans and the X20 but the results are quite the reverse, all mush and lack of sharpness, do you want an XS model like that ?

Indeed, I read, recently, elsewhere, about disappointments with the x100s' image sharpness as compared to similar resolution cameras, written by a guy who was comparing his Pana GX1 with it.  Everyone now has me doubting whether Fuji would be a wise choice.

On paper, the X-trans seemed to be an improvement - even a radical one - over the older EXR and over Bayer pattern. Now I'm not quite so sure anymore.

Perhaps I should just sell it, and stick to my APSC and get bigger lenses for it.

Just as an FYI, I've taken pictures of birds at full zoom, and the results aren't convincing.  But at wider angle, I've made 8.5x11 prints from both my Fuji X-S1 and from a 20MP APSC, and they're pretty hard to indistinguish in terms of printout sharpness, except for differences in color balance and bokeh, which give it away. I haven't tried larger printouts though, where I'd expect the differences to show.

I was really hoping that there was room for improvement in image quality on full zoom in a replacement model.  Ideally, I'd like an even larger sensor, but not willing for the camera to weigh 10 pounds either! It's already bulkier than smaller sensor competition at 1kg.

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