How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Re: How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

As my photography skills have improved I have become more discriminating with what photos I like enough to keep. That makes it easier for me to rate my photo's. Without a way of rating your photos, you will not have a good and organized way of knowing which photos to discard. So, when I look at a days photos in LR, I go through them quickly and give each photo one star if it is worthy of closer consideration. Then I highlight all of the similar pics and look at them in Compare and give the better ones 2 stars. If after that I have a few that are real similar I pic the one with the best focus or the best composition and then I give it 3 or 4 stars. I do that with all the sets of similar pics and usually end up with several pics and each one is the best of each set. Then I edit them. After editing them I look at all of them in Compare and discard any that are cleary inferior. I also give the exceptional ones 5 stars and I apply keywords to the ones that aren't discarded. At the end of the day I discard all of the pics that have fewer than three stars. It is easier to discard them when you are most familiar with them and that is soon after taking them and sorting through them. Waiting until a year later would be too daunting.

At any time I could decide to delete all of my 3 star photo's and probably never miss them. Every few months I look through my 3 star photos and often discard some of them.  I just checked and that would leave me with 656 4 or 5 star photos. The only reason I keep the 3 star photos is it might be my only photo of a leprichan or of a terydactl. Also, the 3 star photo of a bluebird might be the best one two photoshop onto someones shoulder even though it might be too blurry to look good blown up enough to frame.

Also, if I get a better photo of something I already have a photo of, like a Bluebird, I might search LR for bluebird pictures and discard the worst of them.

Lastly, if you accumulate a few thousand photos, what good are they if they aren't organized to the point that you can search for them?

In general, in life, I am more organized than most people I know. Also, I have more spare time than most people I know. That perspective might help.

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