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Re: Not the way to look at it.

Clyde Thomas wrote:

Truelight wrote:

$20,000? They could just put me back on the payroll for almost 4 months at my old salary and still come out ahead.

That's just not correct.  That "4 months" does not account for your equipment accumulation, training how to use it, and training/experience to be tog qualified for this job.

You think that way, but they don't.  And you shouldn't let them or yourself think that way.  Otherwise they'd just get the guy who replaced you, at same salary, with no photo experience or equipment to do the job.  But he can't, because of reasons listed above.

Last job I took like this was billed at $1500 per day for shoot, plus $250 expenses per day, plus $500 processing/editing/uploading per day session.  Finished retouched images of selections were another $50 per image, and that covered all uses.

This was a discounted rate because it was three weeks straight, traveling through four states.  Travel days were billed at half day rate, $750... I drove.

You should also ad $5000 to the entire rate for Photo Editor services.  Your contract should determine YOU as Art Director, making final selections for each portrait for publishing needs.  In fact, I'm not sure I'd even take this job without a contract stating that I was the Art Director and Photo Editor with final say.  Letting the subject choose their own shot will ad weeks to the project, and cause you to handle 500 different emails, and questions that come from them.  Pure hell.  You as Art Director, and Photo Editor, can make the selections better, faster, and more consistent for needed publication.

Could be a sweet gig... Or a complete nightmare.  Don't sell yourself, or your equipment investment, or your experience short.

Good luck with it!

a) Equipment is your investment in your business for your profit, if a builder was employed to build a fence and you supplied all the materials all you'd be expected him simply to charge an hourly rate for his labour. You wouldn't expect to see an itemised bill with an entry for a contribution to his power tools.

b) To bring this back to reality, he's doing some headshots for law enforcement personnel, not head shots for the cast of the latest $100 million hollywood blockbuster! If he starts talking about how they need to sign a contract to make him "Art Director" they're going to think he either gone mad or has his head up his own ass.

I don't know if it's because i'm British and we tend to do things more on the strength of a handshake,  etc. But some of the suggestions in this and similar threads just don't seem to match with reality.

Also do none of you consider how easy the customers will be to deal with and how reliable and quick they will be to pay when taking in to account pricing? Surely a law enforcement agency are going to be easy to please in terms of the shots and are likely to pay promptly, again real world vs where a lot of so called "professionals" seem to live at the moment.

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