Help with light stand please

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Re: Scroll down the page.

Starting at the bottom.

There is a light stand with a cylinder top, and sticking out of that is a threaded "bolt" or "Screw."

The lower side of the Lite Tite is slipped over this cylinder, ingnoring the threaded part, and a side screw attaches the Lite Tite to the light stand.

A brass plug is removed from the top of the Lite Tite and screwed into the bottom of the receiver.

The plug and receiver are put back on the top of the Lite Tite.

The flash is placed into the hot shoe on top of the receiver.

If you loosen the handle on the side of the Lite Tite, you can tilt it up or down.

There is a hole in the Lite Tite through which you slide the umbrella shaft.

By loosening the brass plug, you twist the flash to face into the umbrella (away from the subect) or toward the subject, or off to one side for wall bounces, etc.

Photoflex make a good imitation Lite Tite for less money. Heavy duty plastic, and these are what I use.


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