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Re: first day

I would be taking most of my pictures using the view finder, help steady the camera and I also wear glasses, so that is a big plus! I know the SX50 cost less, but IQ above all else and handling is more important to me.

Since you own both cameras and I value your opinion, can you tell me?

  1. Which one (in your opinion) has a better build quality and feels sturdier to you?
  2. Do you take most of you shots over 24x zoom? (I don’t take pictures of the moon or other planets)
  3. Which one takes sharper images that show the highest resolution and most fine detail?
  4. Which one has the best overall features to you, and why?
  5. How are the images taken inside in lower light? I would think the EXR mode would do better than the SX50 at much higher ISO, not to mention probably having better DR.

Thank you for your time and especially your great pictures! Please post a few more if you are so inclined

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