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Re: It's not nit picking.

photoreddi wrote:

Jared Huntr wrote:

marike6 wrote:

It's not a nit pick to say the AA-filter makes a difference in resolution.  Either it does or it doesn't, and the crops above in DPR's own Studio Test clearly show that it does make a difference.  Whether that difference is important to hobbyists, or for snapshots is a totally different question.

I would say it is nit-picking if it makes no different to the enjoyment of the final image. Sometimes with all the testing around here, we lose sight of the purpose of the camera in the first place.

And some here have lost sight of what the purpose of these DPReview forums is. While there are some exceptions, if the purpose of the camera is to produce compelling images, this is not the place to see them. Started by Phil A., it was all about the gear then, maybe slightly less so today.

Make no mistake. I 'get it'. I know dpr is more of a testing forum.

I like to put on two hats when I'm in these forums: one hat is the fanatical extremist technician where I will be critical of all aspects at the pixel level whereas the second hat is a more balanced approach where I care more about how the final image will be received by a wider audience. For the purpose of this thread, I've simply chosen to put on the second hat.

To be honest, I really wanted to see a difference with D7100's elimination of the AA filter. But I can't see how someone that is honest and objective could declare that it makes any practical difference in these samples comparing the D7100 to the D5200:

ok, maybe the only practical difference is that you get less moire with the D5200 without sacrificing detail.

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