How do you delete your unneeded photos or do you hoard them like me?

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Excess Removal = Stronger Portfolio. Keep just 10% of your best shot.

I was fortunate enough to have my work critique by 2 different professional photographer.  They look over my photograph and give me some of their most brutally honest critique (quite an humbling experience).  One thing that both professional commented on what I should do is throw away 90% of your photograph, and only keep 10% of the VERY BEST into a stronger portfolio, and let them shine.

One of the biggest mistake is keeping too many Lousy/Semi-Okay photo that dilute the attention away from the few really excellent photograph you have.  Like cropping + dodging & burning a photograph to make them pop.  You want to crop away your mediocre results so your excellent photograph can shine.  You can take a look @my profile/challenge.  I follow their advice and removed 90% of my mediocre and kept only the strong photographs.

billythek wrote:

I'm pretty ruthless when it comes to culling.  Probably more than I should be.  For things like landscapes or travel photos, I only expect to keep maybe 10% of the shots I take.  For events, or family gatherings, I'm much more lax, though.  Sometimes I've kept a picture of someone who was slightly out of focus, because it was the best shot I had of them.

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