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Re: first day

Bassy… the Fuji X-S1 is the best super zoom camera on the market at this time IMHO and you have just proved that beyond any a shadow of doubt. It has the largest/best senor, sharpest lens and best features of any super zoom.

It simply puts the HS50EXR/35EXR, Canon SX50HS/40HS and every single other super zoom in a much lower class/league. Personally, I think having a better/ larger sensor and sharp lens is more important than having twice the reach and 24x is more than enough as you have just proved. My old Sony DSC-H5 is OK, but after looking at what the Fuji X-S1 can do, I am now considering upgrading to it. Thanks for posting these extremely sharp, highly detailed images and please continue to do so!

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