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David Kieltyka
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clengman wrote:

I was just making an observation. After looking at the diagram in Sigma's patent and the diagram of the panasonic 25mm, it seems implausible to say the least that they could be two completely independent designs. Given that Sigma filed their patent before the Pansonic lens was released, I can think of only two scenarios. 1)A Sigma corporate spy ripped off panasonic's design or 2)Sigma was involved in either the design or manufacture of the lens. I don't think it's unheard of for Sigma to do some lens design for major brands. I personally think that scenario 2 is more likely. Who knows, though?

Well, since Sigma is part of the Four Thirds group my guess is there's some degree of design & tech sharing going on. This took up a big part of my wiped-out post. (Grrrr...) I suspect your scenario #2 is the correct one, at least regarding the design. I do know Leica doesn't just rubberstamp these things, though. They would've given their approval at the least, probably testing prototypes before doing so. They're sensitive about the reputation of anything with their name on it. Being a small company, and they really are small, bad press is something that could prove fatal.

I agree with you about the samyang fisheye. I have it and love it. But while we're on the subject of fisheye lenses, I had a look at a few different fisheye lenses, the 7.5mm f/3.5 (for m43) and 8mm f/3.5 (for APS DSLRS AND Four thirds mount) lenses made by samyang, the panasonic 8mm fisheye for micro four thirds, and the olympus 8mm f/3.5 for four thirds. There'd be no mistaking any one of those diagrams for one of the others, even two made by the same manufacturer, or two made for the same mount

Another big part of my lost post was devoted to design software. This stuff gets really deep into the weeds regarding every conceivable design parameter. Different input will result in different output, even if the difference in input is on the scale of a particular type of glass used for a particular element. So you're right that the opportunities for divergent designs are massive. My point, perhaps poorly made, was that when a given design proves itself in real-world performance (and in the marketplace) it's more likely to be emulated. Design software makes it easier to do this.

I'm happy anytime a new lens is released for m43. I don't care if it's high-quality or poor, expensive or cheap, of a fancy provenance or made by an unknown third party manufacturer. I think there's room for all comers.

Totally agree here.


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