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Re: Still Waiting

fotolopithecus wrote:

Reilly Diefenbach wrote:

For any of you to post a pic that comes anywhere close to this from a D whatever:

Talk is cheap!

Not sure what your point is Reilly. Is it that the D7100 has more resolution than the D7000, D90, etc? I think that's something everyone stipulated to at the beginning of all these threads. The argument is whether or not it's significant in real world shooting, for people who aren't crop happy, or shooting roadside billboards. In any event it's not possible to compare the D7100, fairly with the D7000 at IR because the larger size of objects within the frame on the D7100 gives a resolution advantage to the D7100. On the other hand it makes the D7000 look like it has lower noise.

At this point it seems that nothing short of everyone acknowledging that the D7100 was designed by Zeus, and descended from Olympus on the wings of angels, is going to satisfy you. Don't forget either, those IR shots are optimally lit, and under very controlled conditions, which frankly ain't real world.

No,  that's the whole point.  You've ignored all the other outstanding images easily available to see in your quest for everything the sameness.  You don't see enough difference to pay the difference, and that's fine, perfectly acceptable.  But I know for a fact that if anyone got a lens for the $400 upgrade differential between the D7000 and the D7100 that showed anywhere near that amount of increase in IQ they would be petted and praised for days on this forum.

The IQ plainly visible in the studio shots which are real world for people in the studios, btw transfers right over to anything else at all, such as this:

There's no special skill required to get this quality, just plunk the camera down on a tripod with a good lens, set ISO 100 and let 'er rip.  The D7000 can not get close to this kind of eyepopping microcontrast and detail.

Why don't you pit your D7100 against.... oh say, a D7000 in a high contrast shadow lifting contest. You still have your D7000 right?

I know it's irritating to you, but I don't really care.  You've started this discussion and many others expressing one concern after another.  I'll keep going as long as I want to. I'm not buying a D7100, and I really don't care who does or doesn't, just an interested bystander who enjoys cameras.

My point is that a lot of you are saying that the D7100 makes no difference unless you're printing billboards, and I say, show me the money.  Show me a single full res pic from a D7000 I couldn't tell right away from the D7100 at zero mag under the same conditions.  The IR raws happen to be definitive in this regard, having the same subject matter, lens and settings.  So have at it folks, let's see what you've got.

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