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Re: Advice on video software

I'm an Adobe Premiere guy, so my recommendation would be Premiere Elements.   It's full-featured enough that it should be able to anything you're likely to and, and a bargain at the price, IMHO.

Advice for separately recorded audio track - at the start of each clip try to capture some event you can use to easily synchronize the audio and video, like a hand clap.   Trying to synch the spoken word based solely on the movement of lips is very challenging.

Video is a very different beast than still photography.   In still photography you can just shoot a ton of images, then cull and organize after the fact.   But just stringing random clips together makes for a poor video, so for a good result you need to have a vision of the end product in your mind and plan ahead to make sure you get the shots you need.

When shooting, be sure to start recording at least a few seconds before you need to and leave the camera running for at least a few seconds after you'd normally stop it, as this gives you a lot more flexibility in the editing process.

For sports, stability of the video capture is very important - especially if you're going to be using a longer lens from the sideline.  You'll need a good tripod, preferably with a fluid head, and practice using it.

For sports with rapid action, you need to think about how to capture it smoothly.   A camera that can shoot at a high frame rates (50 or 60 frames/sec) will give you much smoother motion than one that can only shoot at 24 or 30 frames/sec.   But this will only be beneficial if it's also played back at the same rate, and equipment that can do this is still not standard.

If you capture video at a slower frame rate, use the "180 degree shutter rule" (shutter speed of 1/2 of the frame rate, i.e., 1/60th sec shutter speed for 30 frame/sec) to make motion look less choppy.   This requires a camera that gives you manual control over exposure, and a neutral density filter if you're shooting in bright light.

Sorry, I rambled on about a lot more than just software...

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