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Re: Purple or Yellow? v2 or v4 .icc profile?

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Is the color of the car in the first image on this page purple?

If so (it's purple), color management is not working in your browser.

It should be "school bus yellow" if Chrome is working properly.

It shows yellow in Chrome and IE.

With my install of Chrome (version 26.x) in 64 Bit Win 7, it's yellow, with no special switches needed.

Ditto for other browsers like Firefox (shows up yellow, unless I specifically disable color management, which causes it to display in purple instead).

Now... some of the older versions of Chrome did require some special command line options (or switches if you prefer).     But, the newer Chrome versions no longer require anything special for color management to work (at least not on my machine).

However, I think it may be limited to ICC version 2 profiles.   Some Firefox versions also have that issue (V4 profiles are not supported, although they may have fixed that by now).

So, if your calibration software has the ability to create v2 profiles, try that if you are using a v4 profile.

Now... there is a "trick" that I've used before to convert a profile so that it works OK with more apps.

Basically,  go into Windows 7 Color Management (press the Start button and type Color Management into the search box and you'll see a link to it), make sure the profile you want to use is set as the Default (your existing calibrated profile)

Then use the "Calibrate Display Profile" utility, stepping through the screens without making any changes (so the new profile it generates should work approximately the same as the default calibrated profile it used as a starting point)

Then, tell it to use the new Profile.  It should save it to C:\Windows\System32\spool\drivers\color\ using a profile name of CalibratedDisplayProfile-0.icc by default.

But, apparently, that process removes a lot of the original data.  So, I wouldn't discard your known good profile without testing that approach.  In my experience, the new profile is *very* close to the original you started out with using that "trick" (my eyes can't tell the difference).  But, YMMV.

That's just something to consider as a possible issue in your case (that the monitor profile version you're using doesn't work correctly with Chrome).

So, if your calibration software has a way to generate a version 2 .icc profile (versus a newer version 4 .icc profile), try that first and see if Chrome works properly with it.  If not, you may want to experiment with the approach I've used before to generate a new profile with the Windows Calibrate Utility using the your calibrated profile as a starting point.

In any event, in my case, I'm seeing correct colors with Chrome (the colors in your your image look the same way in Chrome, IE, Firefox and Safari in 64 Bit Win 7).  But, I'm using a Version 2 .icc profile, and my display is *not* wide gamut.

Well, if I change Windows color management to sRGB, the colors of photos will show unmuted in Chrome and exactly the same as in Internet explorer. If I leave the profile to Monitor profile, the colors will appear muted in Chrome. Also, the gamut will be naturally wider. This makes me wonder if Chrome interprets the images as untagged sRGB files or even though I select "convert to sRGB" in Photoshop, for some reason the images are not properly converted or tagged sRGB.

When I run the in Chrome, regardless of selected color profile, the ICC v4 test shows that  "ICC v4 profiles are not supported"

But when I run it in Internet Explorer the test reports, that  "ICC v4 profiles are supported"

In "additional tests" ("Untagged image vs. sRGB tagged image") Chrome does not show the untagged image as sRGB, when I use Monitor color profile.

Ps. Thank you very much for the torrent of information that you provide in all of your messages. I read all of them thoroughly (and try to implement the information to my benefit), even though I may not have time to reply to everything right now.

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