What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Re: What is the purpose of specialized gear?

Darryl E Mylrea wrote:

Grevture wrote:

I guess that could be aimed at me

Out of curiosity: what is it with that analogy you disagree with? How is a specialized lens, flash or filter any different (in purpose) then a specialized camera?

Because the Coolpix A isn't a lens, or a filter or a flash.  It's a complete camera.  A lens/flash/filter is an accessory use to make a tool (the camera) more flexible.  The "A", with it's permanent 28mm lens is not flexible in the same sense.

In a VERY generalized way, yes, both are specialized pieces of equipment.  In my mind, and the reason I posted originally is that the "A" is what it is, and is unchangeable.  I could not imagine a use for a $1000 P&S.  Now I can.  

Aha. I guess in my view a Coolpix A (if I had one) would just be a component, a part among many in my equipment as a whole. Hence it is for me as much a "part" as a lens or a flash is.

A while back I shot a event, a big birthday party. Normally I would have had two D3 bodies, one with a 70-200, one with a 35 mm, the former for face portraits and half body shots, the latter for small groups or just capturing people in a social setting. On this occasion I had a (borrowed) Fujifilm X100 instead of a D3 + 35 mm lens. Smaller, lighter, less intimidating (several guests thought the retro styled X100 looked "cute" ) it worked great when getting up close with people. This a example of how a camera with a fixed lens to me (and many others) is just a tool for a purpose, much like a lens or a flash is.

What is a bit intriguing with cameras like a Coolpix A is that its limitations has a noticeably stimulating effect on the creativity. In photography, as in any creative endeavour, limitations often have that seemingly contra-intuitive effect. I think this is one important reason many photographers, particularly those shooting a lot, appreciate cameras like this (aside from its small size and low weight).

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