How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

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Re: How badly is this photo breaking the rules?

s_grins wrote:

JamesMortimer wrote:

It's not..

The interesting thing is that a lot of painters don't even know the "rules" - they just paint what they see with a little interpretation and emotion added in.

We have a rather lovely lake scene with a small rowboat middle bottom of the painting - it breaks all the photo "rules", but is a beautiful image... it would still be lovely as a photo.

We have another, an oil painting, it's breaks "rule of thirds" and "Fibonacci curve" and still looks fabulous..

It is not.

It's not fabulous?

You can't break rules if you do not know them.

All painters (except wonnabes) know the rules, they have built them in their eyes, that is why they do not think about rules. And for sure they deviate from them every time when the rules constrain creativity.

This is the destiny of all rules - to be accepted, developed, and bypassed

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Looking for equilibrium...

Yes.. the rules are there to guide and define the standards for people new to the field.

First time drawing - you learn the ratios of nose to face height, etc.. It works, generally.

But then you find that you want to do something outside the rules, or the rules just don't fit your vision of the image.

The rules are there as a guide, a 'safe' passage through the forest of dreams and ideas..

Step off the path as soon as it doesn't lead you where you want to go.

The funny thing is this: Nearly all the acknowledged "best" images break the rules..

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