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Re: PC Photo Storage Questions

davids8560 wrote:

I have a HP PC with two 300GB HDDs, Drive C and Drive E.

Mostly everything is on drive C. Drive C is getting close to capacity.

If I move the Pictures Folder holding all my photos from Drive C to Drive E, will it confuse Photoshop CS6 and Lightroom 4?

Yes, it will confuse Lightroom.. BUT

If you keep the same directory structure, you can lead Lightroom to the new location by right klicking on the photo in Lightroom and choose "Show in explorer", then lead explorer to the new drive and folder... Lightroom will locate nearby files if you give it time. (lightroom will put the picture on the screen and tell you its missing)

Can I tell the programs to save subsequent files to Drive E?

Photoshop will save wherever you tell it to, Lightroom asks for a location on export and import.

Running Windows Vista Home Premium 64-bit, if it matters.


Actions are the same with Vista/7/8 32 and 64bit.

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