Street ptography attempt - many photos

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Re: Street ptography attempt - many photos

Well, I think that the effusive praise on here might be slightly over the top...but having said that, these are just about the best member-produced street photos I've ever seen on DPR. Really good job!

I'm really happy that this has been kept in the sidebar for the last few days. These photos should stand as an example for all of the people trying to "shoot street." It's not about walking around like a ninja trying to snap clandestine shots of random people you see, or shooting picture after picture of people walking in the other direction on the sidewalk. It's not about successfully taking a shot of an attractive woman without her noticing, or someone dressed oddly, or some unsuspecting homeless person curled up on a park bench.

Just a little bit of extra confidence in your own presence, awareness of the moment, and effort put into composition will yield infinitely better results. Ijustloveshooting's shots invoke a genuine sense of mood that's missing from 99% of street shots. Even if that's all they had, it'd make a huge difference!

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