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Re: Panasonic GH3 "Service"

DanLeffel wrote:

One of the most disappointing things about all of this is the lack of integrity of Panasonic Service.  Last week, for the third time, I was told my issue had been escalated and an engineer really wanted to talk with me about this issue, and an engineer would definitely call me in the next 24-48 hours.  But guess what?  For the third time no one called!  I was thinking they might want to get their hands on one of their GH3's that has the EVF problem so they could research and fix it, at least on the next generation of the camera!

I am going to stay with my OMD and eBay this camera ASAP!

Hopefully it will be a great camera for someone who does not wear glasses!


A year or so ago I sent Panasonic Service a lens for repair under warranty. It seemed to go into a black hole for a few months. It took quite a while to even verify they had received it. It was finally returned to me repaired and working properly.

OTOH, I sent my OM-D to Olympus last winter. When they were unable to duplicate the problems, an engineer did call me to verify things. It was rechecked and returned to me in a few days.

So, my experience, in the US anyway, it that Olympus Service seems to be more on top of things. Panasonic is such a huge manufacturer of so many electronic products. I wonder how specialized the service departments are.

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