What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Re: What is the purpose of specialized gear?

Darryl E Mylrea wrote:

Ray Sachs wrote:

Grevture wrote:

What is the purpose of (many of) these questions about specialized gear?

Any time any kind of specialized gear is presented, there will pop up a number of threads asking about the purpose of this kind of gear. Some might even be critical and question the viability of a particular niche product (or its price). Which of course is fine. When curiosity strikes, ask questions, and you will get information 

What does bug me from time to time is that some of these questions (and not so few of the answers) express a surprising amount of intolerance in regards to how other people choose to shoot the photos or spend their money. Some of these questions (and some answers) seem to be based on a perspective of "since I do not see a need for this gear, nobody else should, and if they do they are just helpless pawns of marketing, not real photographers, or have way to much money". This I do find a bit disturbing.

I fully agree in some cases. For example, our old friend Toomanycanons tends to ask the question repeatedly as a not even veiled criticism of anyone who deigns to shoot with a prime or fixed lens.

But in this case, I don't think that was the OP's intent. He seemed to genuinely not get it, asked the question, and seemed very open to the answers and gained a better understanding of how different people use their gear as a result of the discussion. I don't see any downside here...

So while I fully agree with your fundamental point and see that kind of criticism too often (specialized vs general, brand vs brand, type vs type, you name it), I don't think that was the case with this thread...


It wasn't, and you explained it perfectly.  In fact, I never expected it to go this long or get some people so riled up.  While I don't agree with some peoples analogies about specialized gear

I guess that could be aimed at me

Out of curiosity: what is it with that analogy you disagree with? How is a specialized lens, flash or filter any different (in purpose) then a specialized camera?

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