7D - 580EX II - 17-55 - Advice on Auto Exposure and Beyond

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Re: 7D - 580EX II - 17-55 - Advice on Auto Exposure and Beyond

Hi, I would concur with pretty much everything Zee said about Evaluative for Flash and Average for Flash.

There are two cicumstances where these are both over-ridden. The first is with using FEL: where a central spot 'pre-flash' meter & lock (default 16 secs) is imposed. The second only applies to 'on-cam' use and even then, strictly only when other criteria are met. Namely, 1) no Canon Wireless tech in operation and 2) when the flash-head is in the straight ahead orientation (precisely) and 3) with a distance reporting lens (like yours) in use. Specifically under this set of circumstances, the achieved focus distance becomes the dominant determinant of flash exposure. It's important to remember this especially if gells or a modifier are in use on the on-cam unit. This may partly explain why the spectral highlights in your example failed to curtail the flash contribution more. Cheers, Donald

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