Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

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Re: Why I HATE the term "capture" for taking a photo...

Confused of Malvern wrote:

My personal dislike is "shoot" or "shooting".  I saw a thread on one of the forums a few days ago entitled "Advice for shooting babies" - I know they can be a nuisance if they cry a lot but I thought this was a bit extreme

Mr Malvern,

You misunderstand the use of the term "shoot" when employed by camera-toters.  What is "shot out" is not the scene or the photons emanating from it (after all, those photons go in to, not out of, the camera) but rather the ego of the would-be photo arteest.  They imagine themselves (rabid solipsists that they are) to be somehow creating the scene that they "shoot" rather than merely capturing, using an automated instrument, some photons cleverly arranged for them by muvver nature, landscaping farmers or various architects.

But never under-estimate the power of the solipsistic mindset.  After imagining that one has created the world by gazing out into the unformed universe through a camera viewfinder, one then takes the next logical step of imagining one owns (exclusively & irrevocably) what one has "created".  Not only that, but the now proprietary views may be sold not just once but time and time again, to various figments of the solipsist's imagination (which we humans know as "other people") who in fact never get to own these views they have just purchased from the shooting one.

A little godling, every one, armed to the teef with their creation-shooting machine and a fanatical belief in the incredible worth of their ability to point and press it's button.

Of course, as with all creationist notions of the origin of the universe, we must always ask: who created the creator?  Or, in this case, who made those cameras and the views that appear in them via the photons?  I fear it is not the shutter button presser, despite all his loud ego-shots.

SirLataxe, often a-titter at the grandiose & puffing egos of mere shutter button pressers and their Ayn Randian delusions.

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