Chrome and muted colors, profile problems

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Better Tests

Here's a good test to see if your browsers support v2 and/or v4 profiles:

As mentioned in my last post, that's one thing you may want to check on (make sure you're using a v2 profile for better compatibility with more browsers, if your calibration software can be set to generate a v2 versus v4 profile).  If not, then you may want to try the "trick" I mentioned and see how a new profile based on the original one behaves using the Windows Utility I mentioned.

It looks like the latest 26.x releases of Chrome are only working with v2 profiles (no v4 profile support yet).    With my Firefox installs, both v2 and v4 are currently working (but, that was not the case with some of the earlier Firefox releases, as some of them only worked with v2 profiles).

BTW, a lot of the info on the web is a bit dated now as far as how one browser compares to another in the color management area.

For example, you used to need to add a switch/command line option to the end of the target program path with Chrome, as shown on this page to get color management working:

But, with the latest Chrome 26.x versions, that's no longer needed in my installs on both Linux and Windows (works without that command line option in both Operating Systems now).

For example,  when I view the test page (first link above), I can tell that my install of Chrome is supporting v2 profiles, but does not support v4 profiles.  This page:

Note that the first bar is half blue and half gray.  So, when I click on the box under it, it shows me that v2 profiles are supported.   If I would have seen a solid gray bar instead, I would have checked the right hand box under it (which would have told me that my browser does not support v2 profiles).

In the next section, I see a solid gray bar.   So, when I click the right hand box under it, it tells me that v4 profiles are *not* supported.   Note that with newer versions of Firefox, v4 profiles *are* supported (but, with Chrome in Windows, only v2 profiles are supported at this point).    Here's that section (with the boxes I've checked under what I see outlined in red).

Then, when I scroll down further and look at the next section, I see seamless bars for red, green and blue in all sections with Chrome now.   I see the same thing with Firefox.  Here's that section.

But, I use a standard gamut display that's very close to sRGB (even without any calibration or use of a profile).   I haven't seen anyone comment on the latest Chrome 26.x yet about how it handles untagged images and elements.  But, I have seen comments about previous versions that they were not doing anything with them (resulting in oversaturated colors on wide gamut displays).     With a tagged image (as in your problem image example), that shouldn't be a problem though if I understand the way it's working.   But, I don't have a wide gamut display to test with to see if Chrome is doing anything with untagged images and elements.

BTW, here's another very good test page:

If you roll your mouse over the top left image on that page and it looks identical the way it looks without a mouse over, then your browser is color managed.

Without a mouse over the image is tagged as Adobe RGB, and with a mouse over you're seeing an image tagged as sRGB.   With my Firefox and Chrome installs, the images are identical, with or without a mouse over.   But, if I use a non color managed browser (for example, Aurora), the Adobe RGB tagged image looks very dull and flat in comparison. So, seeing how your different browsers react to a mouse over should give you an idea of how they work:

BTW, here's a good add-on for Firefox for setting your basic color management preferences:

I keep mine set as follows (and I point my install to a specific profile, versus using the System defaults).  You can go to Tools>Add-ons and you'll see a Preferences button after that add-on is installed (and a restart of Firefox is required after any changes).

Basic Section:

Advanced Section:

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