X20: The Default JPEG Myth

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Re: X20: The Default JPEG Myth

Liz, I have accepted your challenge to posted a few handheld snap shots (as you requested) from my almost 4 old Canon G12, at close to full resolution for you to compare, all taken in JPEG. Most taken in P mode at default camera settings. When I compare them to what I see posted from the X20, I see them as just as good, if not better regarding sharpness, clarity, noise, color, etc, etc… Do you really think the X20 takes better images in JPEG? On the other hand, if you feel the X20 should never be used to take JPEG images and only RAW should be used, well, that is another tragic story.

I am thinking about upgrading to the Olympus PEN E-PL5 as soon as the price comes down a few bucks. I will get a good prime to go with the kit lens and that should last me another 4-5 years. Also, from what I have seen so far, the E-PL5 completely annihilates the X20 in both JPEG and RAW IQ for the SAMEprice!!!

My fishing spot

Niagara falls

Florida Keys

Christmas time

The white balance may be off in the last one, but I have figured out how to deal with that since that picture was taken. Happy shooting, CC welcome.

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