What is the purpose of the Coolpix A?

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Re: Different needs - what is so hard to understand?

Grevture wrote:

I could pose you a number of similar questions:

- "What is the purpose of a 600/4 telephoto lens?"

- "What is the purpose of a fisheye lens?"

- "What is the purpose of a tilt/shift lens?"

- ""What is the purpose of cameras like Eos 1DX/Nikon D4?"

(and many, many more similar questions)

The answer is very much the same as for your initial question:

Because there exist a group of users who are willing to pay the price and endure the hassle of these products to get what they uniquely can provide.

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You've missed the point of my post with your "rebuttal" questions.

Obviously each lens has a purpose.  The difference is you can take off a 600mm lens and twist on a fisheye for different needs, using the same DSLR camera.  My OP was about an uber-expensive P&S format camera with a non-removable 28mm lens stuck to it.  A better analogy would be a drill motor with a single size drill bit permanently attached to it.  Sure, there is a purpose for that size drill bit, but you might not get much use from the drill motor as much as one with removable bits.

Regardless, many others here have expressed their use for such a camera and now I am clear that there exists a need for such a camera.

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